Wakelet Ambassadors

The Wakelet Ambassador program is a network of top Wakelet users who all want to help make the #WakeletWave even bigger!

Why become a Wakelet Ambassador?

community Be an expert Wakelet user

You will play a bigger part in our journey, and retain all of the perks of being a Community Leader!

community Online Recognition

You will be awarded certified recognition as a Wakelet Ambassador. Represent Wakelet wherever you go!

community Specialist Training

Receive training directly from the Wakelet team and work with us on product development.

community Exclusive Membership

Be a key part of a specialist network where you can propose and share ideas with fellow ambassadors.

community Wakelet Swag

Exclusive access to Wakelet merchandise and goodies. Enough for you and everyone in your community!

How to be the best Ambassador!

  • Support our growing community with tips, direction and assistance
  • Have an active role on social media, helping share the platform with your network
  • Train others on Wakelet through EdCamps, events and webinars
  • Know the Wakelet platform inside out!
  • Create great, innovative content for Wakelet - tutorials, graphics, videos and more!
  • Share your ideas with us, and help us bring them to life!
  • Represent Wakelet at conferences and events
  • Be good at being human!

How can you apply to become an Ambassador?

Be an expert on Wakelet and it’s features

You must be a Wakelet Community Leader and use Wakelet regularly. To apply you must have a minimum of 10 collections (these can be private, unlisted or public) or have 100 saved bookmarks.

Show us what you’ve got!

Simply copy this Wakelet collection template, and add content that shows us why you would be a great Wakelet Ambassador! Once this is done, fill in the application form to share the collection with us. We’ll be in touch to let you know if your application was successful!

Could you be the next Wakelet Ambassador?

Please note, if you are unsuccessful in your first application, feel free to try again. Many of our Ambassadors were successful after a few tries.

Love from our Wakelet Community!

Wakelet changed the way I browse and USE the Internet #WakeletWave

Bonnie Nieves

Pretty sure I'm hooked on @wakelet now ...

If you've ever seen a million awesome ideas on Twitter and scrolled by, thinking, "Well, sadly I'll never see that tweet again," those days are over.

Chrome ext lets you save/curate tweets w/2 clicks. Love it. #ditchbook #edtech

Matt Miller

I will always remember the day I discovered @wakelet. Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

George Somers

It’s been. Couple weeks and @wakelet is quickly turning into one of my favorite #digitaltools to help curate #studentchoice options and #teacher #PD articles. Highly recommend giving it a spin. #studentvoice

Scott St. Denis

Wait! What just happened? #MicrosoftEDU used a @wakelet collection to share #assistivetechnology? And then I saved the collection to my @wakelet #apptips collection? And now I can share all these #inclusive apps and tips with #educators! That's incredibly empowering.

Ilene Winokur Alzaid

YESSS!! Found a new tool for collaboration! I'm totally digging @wakelet! happy

So many possibilities for education...curating content, digital portfolios, class newsletters + more! Excited to share this amazing tool w/ teachers! @MISDEdTech @EdTechBrittany @techstephshack

Ashley Coffman

I find @Wakelet to be the most versatile in HOW I can share information. It’s more than just web links... I can add text, videos, tweets, pictures, etc. It also feels very intuitive & friendly to me. The collaborative aspect takes it to the next level! #WakeletWave wave

Sherry Gick ;

I can't imagine my work online without my @wakelet app for my mobile. It is an incredible tool to send everything useful you come across online directly to one of you #wakelet collections and then open it again whenever I need it, from my laptop! #Wakeletwave wave wave wave

"Angie" Maria de los Angeles Suarez

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